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The Development of Periodontal Probing Locator and Its Guidance in the Domain of Dental Education

Background: As the needle is a sharp instrument, it can easily injure soft tissue, a syringe without a needle is generally used for drug injection in clinical practice, and the liquid in the syringe is poured into the periodontal pocket under the guidance of probe. However, there is a problem that the liquid cannot be accurately delivered to the periodontal pocket for spot injection, resulting in poor therapeutic effect. Objective: To explore a kind of periodontal probe can detect the depth of the periodontal pocket and also can locate the injection liquid. Method: Through the literature review, a periodontal probe for positioning injection was proposed to accurately detect the periodontal pocket depth and accurately release the medicine in the periodontal pocket. So that students can understand the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and oral cavity and familiar with a series of processes of invention patents. Enable students to participate in the whole cycle of personnel training process. Result: A device was successfully designed. It can not only export the drug liquid by using the pressure liquid guide mechanism with repeated piston movement, but also locate the position of the drug on through the spherical probe of the probe to achieve accurate drug delivery. It can also prevent soft tissue damage and improve the safety. Conclusion: A localized injection of periodontal probe is introduced to solve the problem that the traditional periodontal probe type may affect the accuracy of probing and have a certain impact on the patient's comfort, and to improve the direction of accurate drug delivery during detection. It also stimulate the students' enthusiasm for learning.

Periodontal Probe, Injection, Positioning, Periodontal Disease, Dental Education

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Lin, X., Dong, Y., Tian, H., Zhou, J., Yuan, Q., et al. (2023). The Development of Periodontal Probing Locator and Its Guidance in the Domain of Dental Education. International Journal of Dental Medicine, 9(2), 48-51.

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Lin, X.; Dong, Y.; Tian, H.; Zhou, J.; Yuan, Q., et al. The Development of Periodontal Probing Locator and Its Guidance in the Domain of Dental Education. Int. J. Dent. Med. 2023, 9(2), 48-51. doi: 10.11648/j.ijdm.20230902.14

AMA Style

Lin X, Dong Y, Tian H, Zhou J, Yuan Q, et al. The Development of Periodontal Probing Locator and Its Guidance in the Domain of Dental Education. Int J Dent Med. 2023;9(2):48-51. doi: 10.11648/j.ijdm.20230902.14

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